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General rental terms and conditions (AGB) for Casa miAlina

These terms of business are the basis for all reservations and bookings.

1. Reservation
The reservation between you and the owner of the house comes into effect with the acceptance of your written registration.
With the transfer of the deposit the tenant accepts the terms and conditions and the conclusion of the rental contract between himself and the house owner. Since correspondence is usually done by e-mail, all correspondence is valid and legally binding even without a signature.

2. Payments
Within 14 days of receipt of the booking confirmation/invoice, a deposit of 50% of the total rental price is payable. The balance is due 14 days before arrival. A late deposit or non-payment of the remaining amount is considered a cancellation. In this case, the owner or authorised representative is entitled to let the rental object to another person and to charge the corresponding cancellation fee.

3. Rescission and cancellation
The booking becomes legally effective upon receipt of the deposit, as described under 2. The cancellation of the contract by the customer can be made at any time, but must be made in writing.

The following cancellation fees will be retained by the house owner/service provider, based on the total rental price (less final cleaning):


Guests can cancel free of charge up to 60 days before arrival. In case of cancellation in the 60 days prior to arrival, the guest shall pay an amount equal to the total price. In case of non-appearance, the guest will be charged the total price of the booking.

We recommend a travel cancellation insurance, which you can take out at any travel agency or insurance company.
The basis for the calculation of the cancellation costs is the date of receipt of the mail or e-mail by the house owner.
It is possible that the tenant will provide a substitute tenant under the same rental conditions. In this case, the cancellation fees are waived for the period of the subletting and only a processing fee of  100,00 € is charged.

The tenant must offset any advance payments already made with the substitute tenant.

4. Term of lease
The minimum rental period is normally one week, but this may vary in low season. The rental period usually starts on Saturday at 15.00 and ends on Saturday at 10.00.

5. Arrival
The arrival day is always Saturday, in the time from 15.00 to 18.00 hours.
If you are unable to arrive during this time (for example, due to traffic congestion or car breakdown), as soon as you realise that you will not be able to meet the deadline, you must inform the property management mmediately by telephone on
+ 34 686 43 44 76 of any delay.

A journey from 18.00 to 21.00 hours costs 30,00 € and from 21.00 to 23.00 hours the property management charges 50,00 €.

After 23.00 o'clock no arrival is possible. If you are unable to arrive before 23.00, you can arrive on Sunday between 10.00 and 11.00. This arrival must be arranged with the property management. The property management charges a fee of 30,00 €. There is no claim to a Sunday arrival. If you plan to arrive late (because of a later flight etc.), this must be arranged with the property management beforehand. An exact arrival time must be agreed upon, for this special arrival the property management charges 30,00 €, this fee includes 1 hour waiting time.

6. Departure
On the day of departure, the rented property must be left at 10.00 a.m. clean and free of rubbish. You can arrange a date of departure on Fridays until 19.00 or on Saturdays between 7.00 and 10.00.
Please arrange with the property management, tel. no.
+ 34 686 43 44 76 in good time, but at least two days before departure, the exact time of your departure, as there will be several departures during this period and it may not be possible to find your preferred date otherwise.

If you leave between Friday 7 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m., the deposit will be transferred to you by the property management - after you have accepted the rented property.
If you leave on another day, an exact date must be agreed with the property management and 10,00 € will be charged by the property management.
Departure on Sundays is only possible after prior arrangement with the property management. There is no claim to a departure on Sundays or public holidays.

7. Security deposit
Please hand over the deposit to the property management in cash upon receipt of the keys. You will receive the deposit back in cash on departure. This assumes that any additional costs have been paid and that the holiday property has been handed over to the property management in proper condition.

Should you leave outside the regular departure time from 7 am to 10 am, e.g. between 7 pm and 7 am, the property management will retain the deposit and return it to you by bank transfer after you have accepted the rented property in proper condition.

In case of excessive or wilful soiling of the object by the tenant, the property management is entitled to charge additional cleaning costs.
Possible damages (e.g. broken glass, defective bedside lamps, etc.) or additional cleaning costs will be retained by the property management from the deposit.

8. Service charges
The additional costs are to be paid according to the agreement. Please pay to the property management - on site subsequently agreed upon, additional service charges as well as the visitor's tax - in cash.

9. Maximum number of persons
9.1 Please note that the house may only be occupied by the maximum number of persons stated in the booking confirmation/invoice. The maximum number of persons also includes children and infants. The house owner or the property management are not obliged to accept surplus persons.

9.2 Pets
You are not allowed to bring pets.

9.3 Change in the number of persons or bringing pets
Any change in the scope of the reservation requires an additional written agreement with the house owner and may result in a price increase or, in the absence of a written agreement, the cancellation of the contract with the corresponding cancellation payment. The maximum number of persons specified in the booking confirmation must be observed. Should it become apparent on arrival or during the stay that the maximum number of persons has not been observed, this will result in the immediate cancellation of the booking, the rental price must be paid in full and the rented property may not be occupied or must be left immediately.

10. Inventory
The tenant undertakes to treat the rented property and inventory with care and also undertakes to pay for any damage caused by his own fault.

Damage and complaints must be reported to the property management (tel.
+ 34 686 43 44 76) on Mondays after arrival or within 24 hours of discovery or occurrence, so that the damage can be rectified. Tenants who fail to comply with the obligation to report or who leave without consulting the property management lose any right to a refund of the deposit.

Please note that the blankets, pillows and mattress protectors provided in the house are only part of the bedding; they must not be used as beach pads or sun beds. Mattress protectors do not replace the sheets either. The beds may not be used without bed linen, not even with a sleeping bag. Garden furniture (chairs, deck chairs, parasols, etc.) and kitchen utensils (spoons, knives, forks, plates, etc.) must not be removed from the property. The use of beds, sofas, armchairs by animals/dogs/cats is not permitted.

11. Liability
11.1 If a rented property is not available for reasons beyond the control of the owner or his representative, the owner reserves the right to change the tenant's reservation to another, equivalent rental property, or to dissolve the contract with refund of the paid amount.

Neither the house owner nor their property manager assumes any liability for a reduction in the rental value as a result of temporary, increased noise emissions, e.g. construction site, traffic diversion, as well as temporary failure of electrical equipment, data lines (Internet) or disturbances in the water and electricity supply. Other possible claims for damages can only be made up to the amount of the contractually agreed and already paid rent.

11.2 The owner of the house excludes any liability for possible damages (accidents, losses, delays, etc.)

12. Theft prevention
Please always make sure that all windows, doors and bars are locked when leaving your house and switch on the alarm system. Do not leave house keys in an unattended car.

13. Water

Please use the water sparingly. Car washing is strictly prohibited.

14. Sanitary facilities
Please note that sanitary facilities in southern countries are sometimes more prone to failure. Do not throw food leftovers, waste, wet wipes, sanitary towels, etc. in the WC.

15. Pool
Use of the pool is at your own risk, children must be supervised. The use of the pool is not allowed for pets / dogs. Please observe the pool rules.

16. Garbage
The local garbage collection service does not pick up the garbage directly on the property, but from central garbage collection points/garbage containers at the roadside. Please bring your waste to these collection points. Please consider the garbage separation.

17. Basic cleaning
The basic cleaning must be done by the tenant, even if the final cleaning is included in the rental price. The basic cleaning includes washing and tidying up all dishes; cleaning the kitchenette; removing beds; leaving all rooms swept clean; disposing of rubbish.

18. Further house rules (smoking)
Smoking in the house is not allowed.

19. Changes
We reserve the right to change the information and prices listed in these terms and conditions. The owner of the house reserves the right to adjust the prices in case of currency fluctuations or currency changes.

20. Data protection
The house owner and the property management treat the personal data of their customers in accordance with the applicable data protection law. The data will be transferred to computer systems and will not be passed on to third parties, except in the case of legal obligations. See also data protection.

21. Contact data from house owner

phone: +49 173 560 26 39 oder

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0 - valid from ab 05.12.2023


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